about our jeans

our jeans tell stories. hundreds of them. they have traversed the globe, traveling north, south, east, and west. they've crested rugged hilltops on the backs of horses and strolled down frenzied 5th avenue. these jeans have been kissed by the sun, weathered by wind, and beaten on by rain. they've been tucked into tattered cowboy boots and worn with pristine sneakers. some have made their homes in mansions, others in high-rise apartments or a beach-side cottage. and now they're yours. yours in which to tell your own story of adventure, thrill and daring. 

when our CDL (Chief-Denim-Lover) Beecher began performing with the band Willow City in 2013, he didn't want to wear plain jeans and T-shirts on stage. so he created the first pair of "funked up" (Beecher's words) jeans. They were whimsical, funky, artful. it was wearable art that could be dressed up for an event or dressed down to wear on the street. then audience members began asking where they could grab a pair of jeans like his...

fast-forward a few years. Beecher launched a denim line. using completely repurposed denim (because producing a new pair of jeans can use up to 449 gallons of water and approximately 1,621 pounds of chemicals according to a Greenpeace report) we hand-make every piece. plus, a portion of every sale is donated to the fight against human trafficking (a couple of organizations we love are savinginnocence.com and ourrescue.org). 

our jeans are conversation pieces. whether you're on the red carpet or lounging on the sofa, you'll always have something to talk about when wearing our pieces. 

we're family here. family that care for fashion and forward-thinking (and no, the alliteration wasn't intentional). we're glad you've joined us.