help! how do i size for your jeans?

buying a pair of jeans is like buying a bra. find the right fit and you're golden. if you don't find the right fit, it's torture. (please don't let Beecher know we compared his jeans to bras. he wouldn't know what we're talking about anyways.)

sizing. ah. an online shoppers' worst nightmare. trust us. we hated it too. but that was before we built in our "two for one" idea. more on that later. 

before you panic and need a drink to calm your nerves, let us do our best to help you. 

here's what to do.

1) take a cloth tape measure from wherever you keep it (not going to lie, we keep ours in the junk-drawer. because why not?!)

2) wrap it comfortably around your waist at belly-button height.

3) you're going to get a size in inches. let's just say it's 28". perfect. you're going to wear a size 28 in our denim. if it's 24", you're going to wear a size 24. 

one note: if the size in inches is a little bigger number than the waist size you normally wear, DON'T PANIC! Vintage denim runs a bit smaller than modern day denim.

our "two for one" idea: because body shapes differ, it's possible that you're not going to like the way a pair of jeans you order sit on your waist or hug your butt or that the inseam is too long. so we're sending you TWO pairs of jeans. that way you've got some wiggle room. literally. head to our policies page to find out more on the two for one idea.