The Bella Overall

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The Bella Overall is here! Our newest addition to the collection, it's one of our most-requested designs. We love our overalls comfy (aka extra room), and the leg room on these is fantastic. Lest any of us forget, these are handmade using repurposed overalls because we care about this world we call home, and we know you do too. 

*Sizing advice: Sizing for vintage denim was slightly different decades ago than it is today. We recommend you take a cloth tape-measure and measure around your waist belly-button high. If the size in inches is a little bigger number than the waist size you normally wear, DON'T PANIC! In fact, we'll make that bold so you definitely don't panic. Vintage denim runs a bit smaller than modern day denim. If your waist measures 28" inches around, we recommend you order a 28" jean for a comfy fit. Overall sizing is below.

For Overalls, we measure with a cloth tape measure from the left top waist-button to the right top waist-button and double the measurement. So if we get 13", it translates to an extra small. XS is a 23-26" waist; S is 27"-29" waist; M is 30"-32" waist; L is 33"-35"; XL is 36"-39". 

*We hate to break it to you, but our denim is all vintage. Wait. That's good. Fit and wash may vary slightly and there could be slight signs of a previous life (worn in pockets etc.). That's bad. No, that's GOOD! Each piece is unique to the wearer which means if you want to hang these in a frame when you're not wearing them, we won't raise an eyebrow. 

*Washing instructions: Personally we don't wash our jeans a whole lot. We find everyday wear and tear just makes the patina that much better. BUT when you must wash, flip these inside out and gingerly place into the wash with the rest of your clothes. And you can tumble dry them too. No downsides here.